Week 1: Day 1: Seeking Him, Waiting for Him – Letting God Dig Deep.

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Seeking and waiting.  On the surface, these two terms seem to be more opposite than alike, however, they both have a few things in common.  They are both active and intentional; they both require time, perseverance, and patience. Now one may not ever really be 100% sure of when the eventual result will materialize or what it may look like, but there is no doubt that personal growth will come through the journeying.

Simeon is an interesting study.  He was a righteous man, a devout man, and the Holy Spirit spoke to him, told him that before his days were numbered, he would see the Messiah, the Savior, the one who would redeem Israel.  What do you do with that kind of promise?  Well, the Scriptures tell us that he waited, but when looking at the original Greek, the idea is better characterized as looking intently, with purpose, with anticipation, with a calm expectancy, not wanting to miss.  He didn’t know when, he didn’t know how, he just knew it would happen.  Faith, that God would be true to His promise. And then one day, one starry night, it came to pass.  A child was born.  A son was given.  The Wonderful Counselor.  Mighty God.  The Prince of Peace.  The Everlasting Father.

As we approach this Christmas season, having already endured a season that has forced us to slow down, to stay put, to reconsider, it provides us with a golden opportunity to wait on and seek the Lord.  He has been speaking to me lately about the need to seek out, press into and wait for His redemption process to be worked out in my life.  Areas that on the surface may not have looked in bad shape, but below the surface there were signs of deterioration.  He used some rust spots on the roof of my car to bring some things to light.  Someone warned me that if I did not take care of  these spots that I might be dealing with a bigger issue in the Spring (ie – a big leak).  They told me how to put a stop to the rust.  First, I would need to grind away the rust, then add a gel rust remover followed by a rust converter, then add body filler, sand, and paint.  When I began the grinding, I saw the flaky brown debris powder away.  It took no time at all.  I cruised through all of the spots.  No more orangey brown, and it took so very little time.  It wasn’t til my neighbour dropped by to see what I was doing that I learned something very important.  He showed me that I had just removed the surface rust, that there was still a blackish rough, pitted scale. When surface rust is left unattended, it penetrates further, causing more damage. I would need to use a lot more persistence and elbow grease to grind that away until the shiny, bare metal remained.  If I simply covered it up, I would be sealing in the rust and it would continue to penetrate the roof. That pitted scale was stubborn, and because I had allowed it to get to this point, it was a time-consuming struggle to get it all cleaned up, longer than I would have ever expected that is for sure.  But it was the right thing to do, and the only way of truly dealing with the issue at hand.

This really got me thinking of my own life.  What kinds of attitudes, behaviours, grudges, sins have I been so quick to ask forgiveness for, to clean off the surface rust, but have not fully put to death?  Things that I recognize needed to be surrendered to God, but then got busy, preoccupied, lazy, and so allowed them to linger, go unnoticed but continuing to eat away.  So like the psalmist, I began to appeal to the Lord, and persist in waiting for what he wanted to say, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.  See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.”  And whatever you show me, may I take the time to let you grind it down to the bare metal.  Help me to slow down and not rush the process, whatever it looks like.  Looking intently, with purpose, with anticipation, with a calm expectancy, not wanting to miss the redemptive work you need to do in my life.  The redemptive work you desire to do in my life.  Like Simeon, I long to see the Savior continue to redeem my life as I work out my salvation, allowing him to sanctify my life.   

The Christ child is worth waiting for: Wonderful COUNSELOR, MIGHTY God, Prince of PEACE, Everlasting FATHER. And Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end.  This Christmas season, let us desire, seek, wait and allow an increase of His ruling in our lives, in our hearts, His redemption, daily, weekly, one issue at a time until His work is complete, to the praise of His Glorious grace.

8 thoughts on “Week 1: Day 1: Seeking Him, Waiting for Him – Letting God Dig Deep.

  1. This was well written and a very important truth that I believe God is working into our lives at Chapel Ridge, but also in His church around us. May the Messiah’s rule go deep in our lives as we seek His face in this season.

  2. What a great visual of how sin, if not acknowledged and dealt with, can seep into the very fabric of who we are creating “holes” …

    Thank you for this post….

  3. I never came to your church in person, but have listen here and there your Sunday services online. I know that God is happy with with your church. I have strained away from God and Jesus these past few months or year, but they have never let me down and never abandoned me even so. Last night was very hard, I learned during the day of someone who passed away about 1 year ago. He commuted suicide and that hurt me a lot. I didn’t know this man but I found out that he struggled most of his life with depression. I felt very lost suddenly, as I myself been struggling with depression all my life. I started to cry and hoped that God and Jesus forgave him and that he his in better place and finally released from the depression state that he was in and finally be happy. I woke up this morning and bit lost, and looked at YouTube and the first and only video that I watched was that a pastor was summoned for participating in gathering of more the 25 people (manifestation). Then something inside said to comeback to him, Jesus. And listened to your live service, and found out it was the first day of advent. I found your message very good but it also called me to return to him and let go of the troubles our society and world is currently living through, for he will return and bring justice to those who have brought pain and misery to his children. We live in dark times, but he will never let us go, nor will he ever abandon us through these troubles and tribulations . Therefore, on this first day of advent, I ask you to help me follow Jesus again and guide me on this path he has put me on. I truly wish to you and all your families peace, love, joy but mostly FAITH.

    1. Hello Michel,
      Glad you were able to find yourself here gathered online today. I pray that God gives you insight in how to grow with him in your faith. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  4. I was meditating Friday on Luke 2:27-33, the story of Simeon.
    I love his story. He never lost hope. He was among the first to bear witness of Jesus!
    The first coming of Christ. It compels me to consider the reality of his second coming too.
    Matthew 24 …To be ready and expectant. To live in the power and glory of his coming kingdom.
    Repentant, and to be like and live as the good servant. Not living a self-centered life based on my own priorities.
    Seeking to do His will.

  5. This was a beautiful devotional, so inspiring and I love the Picture of the rusty vehicle and how our lives can mirror that process. So grateful that God is able to do the deep work even when we give up he never does!

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