Day 12: Rise Up

Song of Solomon 2:10
“Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me.”

It was finally Spring and I was breathing in new life! The smell of the rain hitting the soil, the warmth of the air, and the hope in my heart. I would soon be warm again! I took a deep, lung filling breath and that’s when I heard Him. “Rise up, my love, my fair one come away.”

Rise up! He was telling me to do something. It was a command and my only response should have been obedience. I knew it. I also knew that in obeying, there would be laying my life down. My rights, my desires, my longing for justice, my way.

I exhaled and sighed.

There was a command but there was also an invitation. An invitation to something new. An invitation to trust Him. The one that loved me, that thought I was beautiful, just as I was, was asking me to to trust Him. I knew in that moment that He was extending His hand because we were going to leave this place and He wanted me to trust Him. 

I just had to Rise up, to Obey.

But I didn’t. I pushed it down. I was afraid.  I wanted my way.

A while later I was in a Prayer meeting and the Lord spoke one word, Obedience.

It washed over me and began to soak into all the places I had said no to Him. I heard Him again. Rise up. 

His hand was outstretched and He loved me. I put my hand in His. I was afraid and I was unsure but we would go together. It has not been easy. Sometimes, it is many times a day that I stop and surrender to His will. I lay it all down again as He reminds me that I am His Beloved. 

I stood outside last week and took a deep breath. The air is cooler and there was no scent of soil waiting to be dug into. I exhaled. I might not have Spring, but I had hope!  Hope that the One who calls me His Beloved had my hand and was leading me deep into His heart of Love. 

Is the Lord asking you, His Beloved, to Rise up? To obey Him? Church family, let’s be obedient and let Him lead us into His heart of Love together!

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