Week 2: Day 9: Worship Him

Luke 1:38

        “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; may it be done to me
according to your word.”
. And the angel left her.

        a girl

        just a girl

        seen and fully known by God

        chosen in His holy knowing

        there was a moment of momentous ask

        this girl

        this young girl

        even at that moment knew the ask would mean heartache,




        and all of heaven held its breath

        until the girl whispered her worshipful


        this whisper that has echoed through the centuries

        and the totality of Almighty God, encased in a tiny seed,

        was implanted into the womb of one of His created …..

        Love’s plan to recapture His bride had begun …

        advent means coming …

        and here we are in a season of advent, in the midst of a season of covid ..

        this covid that has taken so much away,  freedom, fellowship, comfort, even life  ….. this covid that is causing all the glitter of Christmas to be put aside …..

        and yet

        in that bare stillness

        one can more easily hear the echo of that whisper …

        of that coming ….

        and what is Almighty God asking of me this season?

        am I struggling, unwilling, unable to say “may it be done to me”?

        is His ask too big?  Is the cost too high?

        Is my yearning for Him greater than my yearning for the glitter? for the way things used to be?

        am I able to look beyond all the loss and seek only to plant a seed of hope in the soil of someone else’s sadness?

        can I, too, simply be pregnant with the promise of His again coming and learn to sing the song of the Lord in this strange land of Covid while I wait?

Holy, holy, holy

Is the Lord God Almighty

The One Who was

Who is

And Who is to come.

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