The Team

Pastor Luke Haggett
Lead Pastor

Luke, Lee-Anne & Family have been at Chapel Ridge since May 2013. They have four wonderful children, who help make life very interesting! Luke is passionate about seeing people take their faith outside the borders of church into their community. He also has a passion for music, and uses those abilities to worship God. Lee-Anne is very creative and her artistic expressions can be constantly seen in seasonal decorations at church. Luke & Lee-Anne are also photographers and do wedding photography. Pastor Luke is so glad you joined us, and looks forward to meeting you. You’re welcome here.

Pastor Ken Roth
Associate Pastor-at-Large

Ken & Linda have been at Chapel Ridge for the past 13 years. They have five married children and 12 grandchildren. Pastor Ken is passionate about Christians growing with one another, and growing in their passion for God, as they become whole through the power of Jesus. He has helped lead the church in working with other churches to bless the city with good works, and spreading The Good News, as well as sending others out to the ends of the earth to do the same. Pastor Ken and Linda want you to know that you are welcome here, and they look forward to meeting you.

Bev Frankish
Executive Assistant

Bev and her husband Chuck have been around Chapel Ridge long enough to be considered historians! They have been involved in a number of ministries over the years and, of late, Bev is thoroughly enjoying her volunteer role of assisting the pastors in carrying out the church vision. Bev and Chuck have two married children who, with their spouses, are actively involved in overseas missions.

Sarah Grover
Children’s Ministry Director/Office Secretary

Sarah gives leadership to the children’s ministry at Chapel Ridge, and is also the office secretary. Sarah and her husband Jared and their three beautiful children joined the Chapel Ridge family in 2013. Sarah is an elementary school teacher by trade and is now using her skills to homeschool her children. Sarah brings a wealth of experience, love, and dedication to serving all the children that walk through the doors of Chapel Ridge, as well as all the dedicated volunteers that work along side of her. Sarah welcomes you to Chapel Ridge and looks forward to meeting you and your children.